Bali Privatparadies

Drei antike Reishaeuser mitten in der Natur

Your Private Paradise

Bali at its best: for lovers, romantics, daydreamers…

Bali at its best: for lovers, romantics, daydreamers…

Three original ‘vintage’ rice houses, rare period pieces, in the midst of nature, located near Ubud, the famous artist village.

Sitting on a plot of 30 terraces among banana trees and bamboo, avocados and pineapple, coffee plants and coconut palms, the property has its own springs and waterfalls, and features balinese-style gazebo to sit and dream in, and an tranquil Koi pond. And two natural fresh-water pools, totally free from chemicals, so crystal clear that you can drink from them. An exclusive Garden of Eden for you alone, where no one will bother you. Dresscode: zero. For once, feel like Adam and Eve in Paradise…

True luxury is so simple: sun, earth, water, air – all at their purest. “Simplify Your Life, Reduce To The Max…” Time loses its clock hands. Everything follows the sundial, from 7 to 7. Each morning unfolds like a world première, a deluge of light. Bird calls scratch the young sky, squirrels swing on the branches in their own exquisite ballet class.

“Kupu Kupu Barong”: rare butterflies in swarms, large like small birds. Red, green and blue dragonflies unheedingly land on your knee, they have never met a human before. Nature in 3D…

Greet the day and all its bounty: a splash of clear waterfrom your own source! A bamboo shower. Walls clad with palm leaves, flooring made of green Surabaya pebbles.

Slip into the jungle pool and let the morning embrace you. In your daydreams, follow the path of the fish in the pond; listen to the sound of the creek and its waterfall. Rediscover slowness.

And then the grand nighttime concert, with the music of the water, the cicadas and frogs blending in perfect orchestration. Inebriated by the full moon you may think that the night sky has begun to dance, but it is only the fireflies, sparkling high above like drunken stars.

Savour the richness of nature, let your life go on total reset. What you can feel in the jungle is roots. Your own roots. Surrounded by Trees of Knowledge, find your inner calm. Could a stay at “Jungle Camp” be any more exciting?

Surprisingly, there is electricity – to power the kettle, bamboo lights, music and mobile WiFi. And, permanenly on call, Nawa, the expert masseur offers his masterly services, kneading your body with fragrant, frangipani-scented coconut oil.

Then there is breakfast, Bali-style, a feast of fresh fruit: mango, rambutan, pineapple, manggis, salak, flavours as exotic as this whole lifestyle. From dusk to dawn, Ajus, Vera and Gungis spoil you rotten, and introduce you to the wealth of local produce. How red beans turn into delicious coffee, or how precious oil is produced from coconuts… Next, how about a yoga session in the shade of a palm tree?

It is Ajus – incidently a descendant of Bali’s royal family – who will meet you at the airport, bearing a tall banana leaf freshly cut in the jungle. Even the name of Bali’s international airport commemorates his family: “I Gusti Ngurah Rai” is actually Ajus’s grandfather-in-law, Bali’s venerated national hero.

Germany’s interior design monthly “Schöner Wohnen“, after inspecting these very unusual one-room apartments, dedicated several of its pages to extolling the virtues of the “green end of the world“ and the “sunrise of the soul”: “Rice bags gave way to pillows”.

The nearby town of Ubud is a cultural spot, home of painters and other creative minds. Vibrant Bali: Bars, restaurants, art galleries, markets abounding with fruit, spices, craft items, and colourful sarongs. And, Bintang, the large supermarket, stocks virtually all your daily essentials.

And above all: the climate is gorgeous. A balmy 28 degrees, tropical but without the oppressive humidity.

The law of the jungle is quite simple: Enjoy!

Or, in the words of Dunja, one of our guests: “…a unique enrichment of my life!”


Bali Privatparadies | Drei antike Reishaeuser mitten in der Natur